Established in 2011, our team is determined to help small, medium, and Fortune 500 businesses reach their goals and deliver remarkable and measurable solutions for our clients.

We were encouraged and inspired by female business leaders in our community and started our business with what we do best: B2B marketing, communications, market research, and community outreach. Through the years, we have established a network of clients, including business, civic and community organizations, corporate executives, strategic alliances, and small to large business owners. Today, our expertise in strategic communications, collaborating and fostering awareness, inclusion, economic development and sustainability for our clients continues to be the secret to our success.

Delbara Dorsey

We believe it takes just FOUR STEPS to craft cost-effective strategies that ensure increased revenue generation:

  • ASSESS your needs
  • IDENTIFY new opportunities you have missed
  • CAPTURE qualified leads so you can expand your customer base
  • RETAIN the customers you already have

Everfield Consulting utilizes project management (PM) best practices to ensure transparency and clear communications to transform your ideas into final products. Our project team uses the six-phase PM process (defining, planning, initiating, executing, controlling, and closing) for project control and status updates to ensure implementation is on time, on budget, and on scope.

Our success manifests in cross-industry business enterprises, minority enterprises, and women-owned enterprises. Our multiple touch point campaigns prompt the target audience into action. We offer a range of solutions in planning and implementation. The integrated marketing services that we offer include advertising, social media, direct mail, multimedia, special events and stakeholder interviews.

When you succeed, we succeed. Our CLIENT CENTRIC philosophy came from the core of marketing practice. We believe project synergy and excellence come from mututally beneficial relationships. We are known in the industry as trusted experts in delivering marketing services with measurable results. We help you to:

Save Money
Our cloud computing infrastructure and ad-hoc project teams allow us to suppress fees and provide you with competitive prices that deliver you higher profit margins.

Save Time
Our nimble, lean team provides rapid response to accelerating your project schedule and allow you to meet your customer commitments on time.

Reduce Risks
Our team of industry experts, lessons learned, and project management best practices mitigate risks so you can sleep at night.

Everfield Consulting, LLC is positioned to help you meet or exceed your supplier diversity goals. Everfield Consulting is DBE, SBE, WMBE, WBE and WOSB certified. The agencies below certified us:

California Public Utilities Commission
California Unified Certification Program
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
State of California, Department of General Services
U.S. Small Business Administration
Women Business Enterprise National Council


541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
541611 - Administrative and Management
541810 - Advertising Agencies
541820 - Public Relations Agencies
541860 - Direct Mail Advertising
541870 - Advertising Material Distribution Services
541820 - Public Relations Agencies
541890 - Other Services Related to Advertising
541910 - Marketing Research & Public Opinion Polling
541430 - Graphic Design


8742 - Marketing Consulting Services
8741 - Management Services
8743 - Public Relations Services
8733 - Research Organization
7319 - Advertising
7331 - Direct Mail Advertising
7311 - Advertising
7336 - Graphic Design


80141505 - Marketing Plans
80171600 - Publicity Marketing
80171603 - Marketing Advisory
60105409 - Advertising
80141501 - Market Analysis
82140000 - Graphic Design
92101503 - Community Outreach